DIAS Hack-a-Truck #2

30-31 March 2022

The “Hack-A-Truck Part 2” Hackathon was held on March 2022 in Rotterdam, Netherlands, in the former yard of the Rotterdamsche Droogdok Maatschappij (RDM).

The target was to evaluate the new features for tampering prevention and detection that have been added since the first hacking event (May 2021). Hack-a-Truck part 2 revolved around a new system that reports information about a possible tampering suspicion wirelessly to a cloud or a supervising entity, to enable fast and easy detection and reporting of tampering of connected vehicles.

The event was divided into two parts: an online preparatory session and a 2-day hybrid event. During the 2-day hybrid (physical and in-person) event, the participants worked in 2 testbeds and a pool of DIAS experts from amongst others Bosch, FEV and UMFST were present during the event to answer questions and provide early feedback for the hacking attempts.

At first glance, no system breaking hacks were found. However, DIAS experts are further analyzing the received input to further improve upon the DIAS countermeasures.

The DIAS project would like to warmly thank all the participants, the mentors, the experts and the TNO’s staff that helped this hackathon become a reality! Your efforts gave birth to a result that is of paramount importance to the fruition of our project!

Hack-A-Truck Part 2 participants