Next generation of vehicle diagnostics based on advanced on-board monitoring and cloud-based diagnostics

27 April 2020

This paper presents the architecture and elements of an advanced diagnostic and emission monitoring system to eliminate the risk of interventions to the vehicle that would lead to emission increase. The designed system will be implemented on a demonstrator vehicle within the framework of the Horizon 2020 project with acronym DIAS funded the European Commission. Firstly, all possible improvements to the existing on-board detection logic (Level 1 measures) are implemented, to demonstrate on one hand demonstrate the feasibility of having more robust conventional systems in a framework for intermediate regulatory steps. On the other hand, it will demonstrate that there will still be weaknesses not possible to be addressed by this conventional approach. This system will include
advanced models, virtual and hardware sensors etc. The advanced diagnostic system (Level 2 measures) to enable very robust monitoring will be built using advanced remote cloud-based architectures for data collection and processing.