Official Deliverables of DIAS project

DIAS work package


WP1: Consortium and project management

D1.1: DIAS Project Handbook – inception version (full text available)

D1.2: DIAS Project Handbook – final version (full text available)


WP2: Inception, concept final revision and monitoring of project targets

D2.1: Tampering, current practices and potential challenges for the (near-term) future (summary available)

D2.2: End-user requirement & use case definition (summary available)

D2.3: Final evaluation of project targets and applicability of measures industry-wide (summary available)


WP3: Market analysis and assessment of tampering systems

D3.1: The market of cheating devices and testing matrix with a prioritization for testing of vehicle tampering technique combinations (full text available)

D3.2: Status quo of critical tampering techniques and proposal of required new OBD monitoring functions (full text available)

D3.3: Anti-tampering test protocol for use in future type approval test (full text available)

D3.4: Summary of the hackathon and security and resilience evaluation of the level 1 concept (full text available)

D3.5: Summary of the hackathon and security and resilience evaluation of the level 2 concept (full text available)


WP4: Security mechanisms for hardened and tamper proof vehicular systems

D4.1: Security analysis, requirements identification and applicability of security solutions for tamper protection (summary available)

D4.2: In-vehicular antitampering security techniques and integration (full text available)

D4.3: Blockchain and cloud-based methods for the provisioning of certified data (full text available)

D4.4: Validation and verification methodology and results (full text available)


WP5:Development and demonstration of DIAS advanced diagnostic solution

D5.1: Enhanced diagnostic system based on conventional improved techniques (Level 1) (summary available) 

D5.2: Advanced detection system against known tampering (Level 2) (summary available)

D5.3: Advanced detection system against unknown (future) tampering (Level 2) (full text available)

D5.4: DIAS antitampering system demonstration (full text available)


WP6: Synthesis and evaluation, dissemination and exploitation of results

D6.1: Website of the project (full text available)

D6.2: Dissemination and Exploitation plan (summary available)

D6.3: Dissemination report (mid-term) (summary available)

D6.4: Dissemination report (final) (full text available)

D6.5: Guidelines, impact assessments and text for future legislation (full text available)

WP7: Ethics requirements

D7.1: NEC - Requirement No. 1 (submitted)